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som87 September 27, 2012 09:56

OpenFOAM installation in SL 6.3 (guide req)
I am an irregular user of Scientific Linux (for just 6 months now, used Fedora earlier), and I am trying to compile OF 2.1 in SL 6.3. I tried to check but it seemed not much guide available for this.Anyone has a step-by-step guide /link regarding this issue?
Specially tips regarding the gcc compiler will be great help, cause from earlier experience withy fedora 17 i had to install backdated version of gcc and needed to run script to set default gcc compiler for OF
(The SL system is x64)

Thx in Advance

wyldckat September 27, 2012 13:27

Greetings som87 and welcome to the forum!

I think you didn't get lucky when you searched for it, because the following tutorial has been written for a few days now: ;)

Best regards,

som87 September 27, 2012 17:21

Oh bad.Thank you very much:)

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