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immortality March 29, 2013 08:16

does upgrading from 11.10 ubuntu to 12.04 makes any trouble with OpenFOAM?
if I upgrade ubuntu does OF deletes or maybe have some difficulty after upgrading?what about files and folders in linux?

wyldckat March 29, 2013 20:40

It depends on how you installed OpenFOAM:
  • If you installed from source, you'll probably will have to rebuild it again, to avoid problems with system library versions.
  • If you installed from the deb packages, then you should upgrade to the respective deb packages as well. Here depends on the OpenFOAM versions you used.
But upgrading any operating system should not be done without a safety net. First backup everything you have for the files you're working on. And make sure your backup is safe and valid. There have been situations where people thought they made a backup, but ended up finding a file with less than 50 bytes, because the backup software was incorrectly configured.

For upgrading Ubuntu 11.10 to 12.04:

Last but not least: if you are still doing your master thesis... DO NOT UPGRADE! One wrong move and you could loose everything you've worked on so far! Postpone any upgrades until you've finished and secured your master thesis. And backup! Always have backups of your files!!

immortality March 30, 2013 07:05

thank you for explanations and notification.
that could destroy everything.

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