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y_jiang April 17, 2013 00:20

source bashrc error
I'm trying to install the new version 2.2.0 on Ubuntu 12.04. The computer is x86_64 and has 4 cpu cores. I just followed the instruction here
I just created the directory OpenFOAM in home and after I edited .bashrc It gave me this:

bash: /home/username/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-2.2.0/etc/bashrc: No such file or directory

The "username" above is my account name.

Dose anyone have this problem when you install OpenFOAM? :confused:
Dose anyone have suggestion? Thank you~

y_jiang April 17, 2013 10:48

It solved.

wyldckat April 17, 2013 17:09

Greetings y_jiang and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately I was not able to answer sooner.
And I'm glad you've managed to fix the problem. Could you share the solution and/or your diagnosis on the problem you had?

Best regards,

y_jiang April 17, 2013 18:48

Hi Bruno,
Thanks for you reply. The first time I didn't make it just due to a wrong path. Actually, if you just follow the instruction here and put the source packs in OpenFOAM in your home directory, it should be no problem.


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