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immortality May 3, 2013 11:04

how to return the OpenFOAM?
I wanted to install a anti filter software.after that a message was shown in terminal that the bashrc doen't exist and there are some exess files is better to delete.and then it starts to delete some files.
now the commands of OF don't execute and OF folders have been deleted.
can't return OF files?should I install it again?:(

wyldckat May 3, 2013 11:43

I don't even know if I should be mad at you or not... after all of what has happened and you're risking your thesis with some "anti filter software"?

OK, first things first:
  1. Is your work for your thesis safe?
  2. Can you find it and is it all there in the computer?
  3. Or if it isn't in your computer, do you have backups of your thesis work?
Secondly: check what each one of the following commands provide (as normal user):

ls -l ~/.bashrc
ls -l ~/OpenFOAM
ls -l /opt

  • If "~/.bashrc" is gone, you can recover it from a default file.
  • If "~/OpenFOAM" is gone... I do not know if you had anything critical in there...
  • If in the sub-folder "/opt" you're only missing the "openfoam220" and/or "paraviewopenfoam3120" folders, these can be installed once again, by following the official instructions:

immortality May 3, 2013 13:18

thanks.sorry for that.:o
I didn't guess such thing may occur!
what a horrible time it was.I saw no command executed and found that message had deleted OF files.:mad:
I thought maybe the case files are deleted too:eek::(.
but fortunately they are healthy!:D
but all OpenFOAMs 2.1.0 2.1.1 and 2.2 were deleted.
I installed 2.2.0 again(after much stress because the connection was disconnected and I had to reset the modem) and the threat passed away!;)
the anti filter I wantd to install was named kerio.
does anyone know a better one for ubuntu 11.10?

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