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achyutan May 15, 2013 08:23

download/installing groovyBC

I want to install groovyBC for OF-2.1.1. the links given in
are not working. the url links seem to be broken.

can somebody help by giving me a latest link that works ?


wyldckat May 15, 2013 19:40

Greetings achyutan,

I guess you didn't read this paragraph at the beginning of the page:

Originally Posted by

Active development of groovyBC now takes place in swak4Foam so please have a look there for more up-to-date versions. Support for this version of groovyBC is discontinued with 2.0.

And just in case you can't see the text referring to the versions you're looking for:

Originally Posted by

Temporary download to replace closed SVN:
As the SVN is currently offline (see the front-page for information) the tarballs of the latest release (0.2.2) can be downloaded here for OpenFOAM 2.x and OpenFOAM 1.x.

Warning: seems like there is a crucial change in the API between 2.2.0 and 2.2.x which makes compilation on 2.2.0 fail. If you use that version you'll have to apply a change described in this forum post

Best regards,

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