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Luchini July 1, 2013 11:18

OF library installation : undefined reference to `pthread_create'
Hello EveryBody,

Its me again :D ...

So i am trying to install a OF new solver that requires BLAS. I have not noticed anything wrong in the BLAS installation. ( i have installed putting CC=mpicc and FC=mpif77 and forcing multithreat USE_THREAD = 1 )

but when i compile the OF application i have this error?

blas_server.c:(.text+0x50a): undefined reference to `pthread_create'

Note that OF is already installed.
Where do you think is the mistake in the BLAS installation or in the OF options?

Thank you a lot

P.S. installation is on a normal desktop running Ubuntu 12.04

wyldckat July 1, 2013 17:47

Greetings Luca,

The error message is indicating that the file "blas_server.c" that is already compiled, needs a function named "pthread_create", for the application to be fully linked to all of the libraries it needs.

In other words, it's telling you that you need to indicate in which library is the function "pthread_create". Something like:

Best regards,

Luchini July 2, 2013 07:21

Hi Bruno,

it is you again ? :D
problem solved.

Thank you as always.

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