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Maralady August 25, 2013 18:20

Problem Installing OpenFOAM at Ubuntu
I am using Ubuntu 12.04lt and VB to install OpenFOAM, I followed al the steps at the installation guide, but I am getting the following message when I try to use the "icoFoam -help"

bash: /home/arthur/.bashrc: line 107: syntax error near unexpected token `source'
bash: /home/arthur/.bashrc: line 107: `fi source /opt/openfoam221/etc/bashrc'
arthur@arthur-VirtualBox:~$ icoFoam -help
icoFoam: command not found

Maralady August 25, 2013 18:22

Oh I just solved this, the command has to be in a new line all by itself, if someone have the same problem that is the solution

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