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pdave September 1, 2013 21:36

Installation on Ubuntu --> Elementary OS Luna
It seems like OpenFoam is supported on a number of distributions but I am not able to get any installation code to work on my distribution.

Of course, this is a debian based system.

What I am having the most difficulty is installing the openmpi library. I would rather not download the .deb files individually. Is there a repository that I can access for this?

wyldckat September 3, 2013 17:31

Greetings pdave and welcome to the forum!

We could use a bit more information, such as:
  • How exactly are you trying to install OpenFOAM? From source code or from Deb package?
  • Which repositories do you currently have turned on?
  • Your version of Elementary OS, it's based on which version of Ubuntu and/or Debian?
  • If you don't know based on which version it is, then which version of Elementary OS are you using?
Best regards,

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