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Tobi September 8, 2013 13:05

Operating Systems
Hi all,

I want to set up a cluster for my CFD work.

Using Ubuntu the last 4 years but are there performance advantages if I use redhat or suse linux?

Thanks in advance

wyldckat September 11, 2013 16:48

Hi Tobi,

From what I know, there isn't much difference in performance between Linux Distributions. Usually what weighs more on the choice for cluster operating systems is the maintenance, stability and security, as well as compatibility with the hardware.

Usually the main Linux Distributions for clusters are (not in order):
Anything beyond these distributions theoretically means that you should upgrade the Linux Distribution on your cluster every 6 to 24 months.
While with the distributions on the list above, you can maintain the same installation for 5 or more years. And in the case of Debian, you can easily upgrade from one stable version to the next one.

Best regards,

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