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Ingenieur5 September 9, 2013 13:42

unsure os installation success - is there a test case
Hi all
I am new in using openfoam and just installed the last version under Ubuntu (my first touch with linux...)
I tried some of the test cases and now like to make a calculation of a hull in the water.
To be sure to have all files in the right place and to have setup the software completly I would like to run a case which I can be sure of to be correct.
Can someone give me a link to a samplecase for a hull incl mesh data for me to test my installation.
Doesn't need to be complex just reliable (e.g. Wighley).
Many Thanks!

wyldckat September 9, 2013 15:31

Greetings Ingenieur5 and welcome to the forum!

Have you studied the 3 tutorial cases from the User Guide?
If not, start by studying them, starting from the page shown on the link above.

As for a "wigley hull", have a look at the tutorial "multiphase/LTSInterFoam/wigleyHull". To run it:

cd tutorials/multiphase/LTSInterFoam/wigleyHull

Best regards,

jherb September 9, 2013 18:49

Bruno, the link was corrupted:

Ingenieur5, for the commands of Bruno to work, you have to first copy (all) tutorials into your $FOAM_RUN directory (as described in the above link)

Ingenieur5 September 10, 2013 08:10

Thanks for the info!
I found the tutorial and just started as described.
How long does it take for the calculation usually?:confused:


Ingenieur5 September 10, 2013 08:51

It works!:)
Installation seems to be OK. Will now try my own model.
Thanks again!

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