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codder December 7, 2013 16:11

OpenFOAM-1.6-ext "newRelease" branch - ??? what is it
Dear Foamers -

I am part of a grad student group looking to transfer our research from the 2.2+ OpenFOAM branch

However, much solid domain functionality has be uploaded to the "newRelease" 1.6-ext branch.

I'm biting. But, I'm also puzzled:

(1) What is this "newRelease" branch?
....(a) Is it like a beta version occasionally merged into the main branch?
....(b) Alternatively, is 1.6-ext at the level of permanent stable?

(2) Is there an email list associated with the timeline of development and/or merge-release schedule?

(3) When/if is a newRelease => 1.6-ext merge next planned.

Thanx in advance, Eric

wyldckat December 8, 2013 10:50

Very quick answer - have a look into this thread:

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