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wyldckat January 1, 2014 20:21

Frequently Asked Questions about Installing OpenFOAM
This thread aims to guide those who feel completely lost in where to find information on how to install OpenFOAM.

These are the known installation instructions for OpenFOAM and many of its variants:
  1. The instructions for the official OpenFOAM versions are provided at the OpenFOAM Foundation website.
  2. The instructions for the official OpenFOAM+ versions are provided at the OpenCFD (ESI group) website.
    • When creating new threads about OpenFOAM+, please use the title prefix "[OpenFOAM plus]", for example:

      [OpenFOAM plus][Windows] Unable to start docked machine
  3. The instructions for the foam-extend (community fork) can be found here:
    1. foam-extend 4.0 Installation instructions @
    2. foam-extend 3.2 Installation instructions @
    3. foam-extend 3.1 Installation instructions @
    4. foam-extend 3.0 Installation instructions @
  4. Installation instructions for installing Caelus-CML (fork) can be found at the Caelus-CML website.
  5. The instructions for installing FreeFOAM are provided at their official website: FreeFOAM Installation Instructions
  6. Instructions written by the community are mostly centralized at, in the page Installation. There you'll find dedicated instructions for each version and Operating System.
  7. Questions about installing any of these versions/variants can be asked at the (unofficial) forum at CFD-Online:

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Manuals and Guides:


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