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bieshuxuhe April 7, 2014 23:48

an error found in Installation/Linux/foam-extend-3.0 at
hello !
I found an small error in

there is

Set the environment variables
On bash (if unsure whether you are using bash, run "echo $SHELL"):
cd ~/foam/foam-extend-3.0 <>
source etc/cshrc
On csh:
cd ~/foam/foam-extend-3.0
source etc/cshrc

the red is wrong ! it should be "source etc/bashrc" .

best wishes!

wyldckat April 8, 2014 08:40

Greetings xuhe,

Many thanks for reporting! I've fixed the error on the wiki page.

But you do know that since it's a wiki, you could register yourself on the wiki, edit the page and fix the error yourself! ;)

Best regards,

bieshuxuhe April 8, 2014 21:44

ok , thank you. it sounds great !
i will register myself on the wiki and try .

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