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sandipuncc September 1, 2017 00:24

v1706 in windows 10: Installation problem
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I was trying to install openfoam v1706 in windows 10. I started to follow the steps as mentioned in the instruction in openfoam website but I am not able to install it.

Here I am mentioning what I did and what happen next
1. In ubuntu bash I typed this "lsb_release -a " and I got this
No LSB Modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 16.04.02 LTS
Release: 16.04
Codename: xenial
2. Then I clicked "OpenFOAM-v1706-windows10.tgz" link as per the instruction and downloaded OpenFOAM.
3. Next I opened Bash on Ubuntu on windows and typed the following command " cp -ar /mnt/c/Users/I used my user name here/Downloads/OpenFOAM-v1706-Windows10.tgz . "

then I got this reply
"bash:USER: No such file or directory".

Please help me to fix this problem.

Thank you.


pgh September 7, 2017 04:00

Hi Sandip

Edited: cp -ar /mnt/c/Users/I used my user name here/Downloads/OpenFOAM-v1706-windows10.tgz

Please note that it is /OpenFOAM-v1706-windows10.tgz and not /OpenFOAM-v1706-Windows10.tgz

Also from bash in Windows. type following commands

ls /mnt/c/


ls /mnt/c/users or /mnt/c/Users and post output .

ngkauiin July 28, 2019 07:58

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Same problem here, to pgh, I tried your commands and here are my outputs

pgh July 28, 2019 08:05

Please note , these are Linux command to copy the file .
Please get familiar with Linux command i.e cp (to copy file)
ls (to list file ).
please run commands ls /mnt/c to see what is listed inside this location

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