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dsaen August 5, 2019 18:42

controlDict not found after windows installation
I'm trying to install OpenFoam on my Windows 10 computer.
I followed the installation instructions given at the OF webpage:

The installation proceeded more or less automatic. Once intallation was complete I clicked on the OF_Create_Env shortcut in my desktop, followed by OpenFOAM_Start shorcut. That opened up a powershell window with the following:


Starting "default"...
Machine "default" is already running.
[ofuser@default ~]$

Where I typed blockMesh. This is where I get the error:


Create time

cannot find file "/home/ofuser/system/controlDict"

I have also tried changing the current directory to /home/ofuser/workingDir, with the same results.

How con I fix this error? Where do I find such file?


wyldckat August 5, 2019 19:06

Quick answer: Start reading and following the tutorials guide from here:

dsaen August 7, 2019 12:22

wyldckat, I read the first few pages but it does not seem to be helpful to my issue here.

The only windows related note is: When using a shared directory, e.g. between Windows and Docker, users may prefer to use a Windows-based text editor. However, care should be taken not to change the encoding of the text files to ensure that they remain readable by OpenFOAM. Good choices may be atom and PSPad — both are free and automatically keep the correct encoding.

Which I really dont understand.

wyldckat August 25, 2019 08:28

Quick answer(s)/question(s):
  1. The error message you were getting in the first post was because you were running the blockMesh command in the wrong folder. Which is why I then pointed you to the first page on the tutorials guide, which would help you get started.
  2. Question: Did you run these commands?

    mkdir -p $FOAM_RUN

    If you did run those commands, did they give you any error messages?
  3. On the bottom of the tutorial guide I gave the link for: - there are two links:

    [prev] [next]
    If you continue clicking on the [next] link on the following pages, you should eventually reach the section "2.1 Lid-driven cavity flow", which give you the instructions on how to use the OpenFOAM in the first tutorial case.
  4. The note they give in subsection 1.1.1 is because your installation is working within a virtual machine container, namely inside a virtual machine.
    Therefore, files provided within the virtual machine can only be accessed via shared folder, and therefore if you access the shared files directly from Windows, you will need a text editor that does not corrupt the file structure.
    If you try to open any of OpenFOAM's files with Windows' Notepad, you should see the text all merged into a single line...

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