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jano February 26, 2009 14:31

Hi, For all that have probl

For all that have problems with linking paraview to OpenFoam, you can ignore this step (at least as a new user).

Just use the command: foamToVTK before launching paraview to visualize your results.

BTW, if you need to install paraview, paraview3.4 is available at:

Good luck,


openfoam_user February 27, 2009 03:48

Dear Jean, I have problems
Dear Jean,

I have problems with paraFoam with Linux11.1.

Using paraview3.4 with foamToVTK it works well.

What are the drawbacks of this solution ?

Or what are the advantages to use paraFoam ?


jano February 27, 2009 14:35

Stephane, I am a new user t

I am a new user too! I only used this way so far.

My understanding is that the "paraFoam" command launches paraview and does some file conversion as well.


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