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danielle February 11, 2009 16:19

Hi, I get this error when I r
I get this error when I run paraFoam:
paraview: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ undefined symbol: PC

and libreadline was already installed in my machine ??
Any help ?

gschaider February 11, 2009 21:57

I assume that you're using Ope
I assume that you're using OpenFOAM 1.5.

The readline-lib is there but a specific symbol is missing.
I installed 1.5 on CentOS machines half a year ago, BUT I'm in the habit of recompiling almost everything so, I'm not sure whether this specific problem occurred to me (did I mention that it was half a year ago?)

The problem is (I guess) that the binary packs were prepared on Suse machines and there are subtle differences in the libraries between different distros (and in the compilers)

The best thing you can do is recompile paraview (and while you're at it consider switching to 3.4) BUT the distributed binaries of the gcc won't work on RHEL/CentOS (because some multi-precision-library is missing, there are discussions about this elsewhere) and I don't recommend the compiler (v4.1) that comes with current versions of CentOS (you're living on 5.x, are you?)

So what I'd recommend is:
1. download the sources of gcc-4.3 compile it and install it in ThirdParty (adapt the etc accordingly)
2. recompile OpenFOAM using the new compiler
3. recompile the distributed paraview. See the README for the very nice build-script that eases this task. It can also very easily be adapted to compile the current 3.4 version of paraview (hihgly recommended)
4. recompile the PV3-filter in OpenFOAM (see README)
(maybe I forgot something. Did I mention the 6 month memory gap?)

I think it is a good thing that OpenCFD provide binaries that cover a big fraction of the Linux-distributions in use (and making sure that things run smoothly only in Suse/RHEL/Ubuntu would be a huge task). They also state in the README-file which versions are tested. For all other distros you're more or less on your own. Or of course you can ask them for paid support on your distro, I guess.


danielle February 12, 2009 14:11

First thanks for your recommen
First thanks for your recommendation Bernhard.
Yes I use centOs5.2.
I will use this recommendations.

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