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kenhelland December 4, 2008 14:57

Hi all, This seems a fair i
Hi all,

This seems a fair installation question. I am running FOAM on SUSE 11.0 and things work fine. But, I am disappointed with the size of things. I can control fonts in a terminal window to my liking, but ParaView (paraFoam) images seem a bit large. I am used to images in XP from all sorts of graphics programs looking "right sized".

I run my XP 17" screen at 1280x1024, and have moved the linux to 1600x1200, and things are better, but icons etc, especially in ParaView are certainly useful, but they could be a lot smaller giving more useful screen space. The SUSE 11.0 install screens look wonderful, frankly much nicer than the XP stuff.

I am not sure there is a fix for this. I have looked all over for controls in Linux and ParaView. I mostly run KDE3.

Perhaps a fix would be a larger monitor and even more resolution, or, maybe a different video card that is more linux friendly (better drivers?).

Is everybody else happy or is it just me?

Thanks, Ken

kenhelland December 7, 2008 14:07

Hi (to me?) Problem solved.
Hi (to me?)

Problem solved. My video card uses a Nvidia chip and openSUSE has RPM driver options. It was just a few clicks to get the driver installed. The resolution is now GREAT, and ParaView is much nicer to use!


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