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dhanurao September 21, 2005 14:20

I could able to install as roo
I could able to install as root user on our machine. But when try to install PARAVIEW-1.8.5 on other workstation as a user without root permission, I am getting a message EOFile detected.. etc. Can't I do without root permission?
Can any one suggest regarding this
thank you

hjasak September 21, 2005 14:25

You do not need root permissio
You do not need root permission: read the manual and you will find out how to install it in your own area.

Good luck,


dhanurao September 22, 2005 13:21

Thank you. It is great to inte
Thank you. It is great to interact with you. I will try once again and let you know
My second doubt...
But we have SUN SOLARIS machine in our Lab. I want to use it there. But SUN SOLARIS latest version(1.2) is not released. How to install latest version 1.2 on SUN SOLARIS. I have all files of 1.1 version for SUN SOLARIS. New version file "OpandFoam.General.1.2.gtgz" which is for Other than Linux. (Ofcourse I have downloaded linux files also). How to proceed with out other files like "OpenFoam.sunsolaris.1.2.gtgz, gcc file, paraview file". I think java file same as 1.1 version.
Need your suggestion regarding this. Please don't mind troubling you.
Thank you


vahid November 11, 2008 13:27

I am using ubuntu8.0.4, and tr
I am using ubuntu8.0.4, and tried to install OpenFOAM-1.5, I edited the $HOME/.bashrc but I can not source it, and when I want to do that I got "Permission denied".
Thank you

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