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kar March 8, 2008 15:56

Hello, what would you advice
what would you advice for a beginner? I did partially recompiled OpenFOAM with debug (ran into paraview problems). Can build an app using
-I$(LIB_SRC)/finiteVolume/lnInclude -DFULLDEBUG -g -O0


kar March 11, 2008 09:30

Hello again, now I have more
Hello again,
now I have more appointed problem: when I compile program and run it in gdb, I can debug it, but when start that app by KDevelop's "Debug->Start"(which also uses GDB by defaul) it just exits quickly.

Debugging versions are supposed to be much slower, right?

Switch between debug / opt version of build is "-DFULLDEBUG -g -O0" options or I've missed something?

What debugging environment have you found useful?

Some knowledge about debug will be appreciated here!


kar March 11, 2008 11:13

Wrong, WM_COMPILE_OPTION is a switch!

kent_kapitan July 26, 2008 16:13

Karlis, I have had the same

I have had the same problem. Have you found a solution ?

Kent Kapitan

kar July 27, 2008 05:37

Kent, that was not very impor
that was not very important for me, so I used GDB through console sometimes. That can give useful information, but I missed something to integrate with KDevelop...

kent_kapitan July 28, 2008 16:36

Karlis, Thanks. Fortunat

Thanks. Fortunately, I managed to figure it out and actually got it to work. I have posted a summary of the solution for others if your interested. Just search the message board for KDevelop. The trick turns out to be leaving the "Debugger Executable" blank in the Project Options Debugger dialog in KDevelop.

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