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mateuszzb July 1, 2008 20:38

Hi, I have installed OpenFO

I have installed OpenFOAM-1.4.1 on UBUNTU 8.02. Everything went smoothly. After installation in a command window (in which I have performed installation) I have typed "FoamX" and interface of the software appeared but when I closed this command window and opened another one I saw a message saying "FoamX: command not found" (as OpenFOAM would not be installed). I had to once again went through the installation process and typing FoamX in installation command window everything was OK. Now every time when I want to use OpenFOAM I have to install the software from the beginning and I can not close command window.
Could you please help me? How can I solve this problem?

All the best


ngj July 2, 2008 04:11

You probably have not followed
You probably have not followed all the steps in the installation process. You need to source some shell scripts from your .bashrc file.

Follow this guide, and everything should work (also Ubuntu 8.02):

/ Niels

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