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xiuying September 25, 2007 13:32

Hi, I am only new to use Op

I am only new to use Openfoam. I don't know how to run Openfoam after installing. The user guide is almost about using FOAMX and PARAVIEW, but I use a cluster and can only use the command line to run it. Can Anyone tell me how to run it step by step. Now I am very worried because my advicer need the results in a short time. Please help me. Thank you very much.


paka September 25, 2007 14:01

Type in in find section of Acr
Type in in find section of Acrobat or any other viewer word: parallel. Then find the section about damBreak problem running in parallel. If I'm not mistaken User Manual has got whole section how to run things in parallel.

BTW. "Fast in OpenFOAM", haha If you never used it, forget about "fast/short". Obviously you can obtain results, but I doubt how much meaningful they are going to be. Spend some time with OpenFOAM it is not a point'n'click thing.

Good luck!

xiuying September 25, 2007 15:39

Hi, Krystian, Thank for you
Hi, Krystian,

Thank for your help.
I run the following command line
cd $HOME/OpenFOAM/xiuying-1.4.1/run/tutorials/interFoam blockMesh.dambreak interFoam.dambreak
But I can't see any results. why?


paka September 25, 2007 15:55

Read carefully User Manual, th
Read carefully User Manual, those are basics and you shouldn't have any trouble. Just read it.

uwyomath May 4, 2008 16:20

Hi; I have successfully insta
I have successfully installed OpenFOAM in the linux64 cluster available in the department (Mathematics). It runs in serial from every node in which I am connected, but not in parallel (it does not see others nodes). We have an MPI implementation (MPICH). My question is: how to change the makefile to use, say, MPI-compiler (MPI C++) and produce the excutable ,say, OpenFOAM-MPI. And, how to check that the code really runs in parallel (output for example the number of processors).

gschaider May 5, 2008 12:54

Hi Celestine! To change the
Hi Celestine!

To change the MPI-implementation:
1. Change in $WM_PROJECT_DIR/$FOAM_DOT_DIR/bashrc the variable WM_MPLIB to MPICH
2. Change in $WM_PROJECT_DIR/.bashrc the settings that are relevant for MPICH to fit your installation
3. Open a new terminal (to make sure that the new settings are used)
4. Recompile your OF-installation (only Pstream should be actually recompiled)

You won't have to recompile executables as all stuff specific to the used MPI-implementation is encapsulated in Pstream.

For testing that stuff I must refer you to Appendix A of the UserGuide where OF+MPICH are discussed (I don't use MPICH myself, which means I can't be more concrete about step 2 above)


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