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pifou74 April 3, 2008 08:24

Hello, I'am trying to inst

I'am trying to install Openfoam 1.4.1 since one week on a debian without success. I have used the procedure installation described in the OpenFOAM wiki
I have installed the sources in ~/OpenFOAM, I have compiled gcc 4.2.3, binutils-2.18 and I have systematicaly an error concerning crt1.o...

Is there somebody which has any experience about this problem and about installation under a debian distribution

thanks for the answers

platopus April 3, 2008 09:43

I understand that Debian, like
I understand that Debian, like the Ubuntu variants, uses dash instead of bash as the default shell. Some of the OpenFOAM scripts appear to have bashisms in them that prevent them working correctly under dash. This _might_ be the source of your problem.

So far I've only checked the scripts in the tutorials directory and there's a thread in the Bugs section that describes my experiences:

Note that you don't really have to recompile OpenFOAM to use it. You could just use the stuff in the double precision archive and get started.

See the link above, however, for a script that modifies the scripts in the tutorials so that they run properly (for me, at least).

If you do still want to recompile it, you might try changing the symlink /bin/sh to point to bash, deleting and reinstalling the sources and starting the compilation again.

Note that at this time I have no hard evidence that bashisms are really causing your problem and I can't test it properly since I'm running Kubuntu.

Regards, Graeme.

pifou74 April 3, 2008 13:42

Thank You Graeme for your hel
Thank You Graeme for your help, but I have already change my sh in oder to use bashrc one.

I know that it is not necessary to compile Openfoam from the sources but I would like to do it and to understand how to do it hard Task)....

I'm am trying since one week and i have to say that it is really difficult... Nevertheless I hope that I will succeed with the help of this forum...

Regards, Pierre

platopus April 10, 2008 08:31

All I can suggest is to look a
All I can suggest is to look at the wiki page on compiling OpenFOAM and try it.

You've probably already found the page I'm referring to

If and when it fails, post a message containing the steps you followed and the exact error messages you receive. Maybe someone can help.

Regards, Graeme.

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