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honcho April 8, 2008 11:02

Hi, I would like to become

I would like to become better acquainted with the CFD world and have downloaded and installed OpenFOAM, but not been able to run it. I am hoping that someone will be able to help out. Here is a short list of the errors: 1. 'foamSystemCheck' - the program can not run Test_ssh and requires a passwordless connection. 2. 'foamInstallationTest' - it is unable to connect to the server. 3. 'runFOAMX' - it does not recognise the command 4. 'runFOAMXHB' - it can not access required libraries.

I have however been able to test-run an example using 'icoFOAM', but apart from that, nothing else. Even setting up a passphrase in 'ssh' has not helped.

Kindly advise on what you think the problem(s) is (are), and how you feel they can be solved.

Regards, Honcho.

dmoroian April 9, 2008 06:29

Hi Honcho, Post the listing f
Hi Honcho,
Post the listing from foamInstallationTest.
ssh is requested if you want to run in parallel.
FoamX is a very nice graphical user interface, but almost everybody runs in command line.
So basically, if you are able to run icoFoam, then you have a good enough installation.


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