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sachin January 19, 2008 10:03

I am new to linux and OF In
I am new to linux and OF
In fact it is because of OF i am using Linux
I am using SUSE 10.1
I would explain what all i did
-Downloaded OF on my windows machine(unfortunately not allowed to connect my laptop to thru this LAN)
-Transferred it by pen drive to Laptop
-Unpacked using tar command
-Added the last line as said in Readme file
-from terminal . $HOME/ bashcr....i dont remeber but had copied from readme file and pasted it on console
-but it just jumps to next console with doin anything
if I run foaminstallationText it says
source file not complied to home/sachin/OpenFoam

Please help me out as early as possible

jas February 17, 2008 17:57

Hi, seems you had the same p
seems you had the same problem like I.
But where did you find the .bashrc file, I cant find it.
How do you come this far?
Do you download all thatt gcc and other-compiler-Stuff, do I really need it?

I wasn´t able to put something in the $home directory, only in the $home/(username)/... .
Is it meant that you put somthing in your Username-Home, when it is written put it in your-Home??

jjhall February 22, 2008 11:20

The .bashrc file should be in
The .bashrc file should be in your home directory, if you use the bash shell. Your home directory is defined by the environment variable $HOME, and should be the directory /home/<username>/. If you download everything into the directories described on the download page and in the README, you then have to modify your .bashrc accordingly and source it with:

> source ~/.bashrc

Then you shouldn't need to compile from source.

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