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mwild January 28, 2008 05:55

Hi all Sorry for cross-pos
Hi all

Sorry for cross-posting, but since I haven't got an answer on OpenFOAM-bugs, I'll retry it here:

Does anybody know as to why in applications/utilities/parallelProcessing/decompositionMethods

- first $FOAM_LIBBIN/ is built from metis-5.0pre2
- then is linked against that
- followed by building $FOAM_LIBBIN/ from parMetisDecomp/ParMetis-3.1/METISLib which overwrites $FOAM_LIBBIN/

Consequently, everything will load built from ParMetis when it runs since the metis-5.0 version is no longer around.

Does any of you know any specific reason as to why this is done so? Why not build/link against provided by ParMetis in the first place?


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