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deepblue17 November 2, 2007 14:21

Hello, I've written a gento

I've written a gentoo ebuild, which is available from bugzilla in bug 122141 ( I've also posted it to the sunrise overlay ( So it should be reviewed in some days and then available through layman.

At the moment I can't build the PVFoamReader library inside the sandbox, even if the parafoam USE-flag is active! However, the method I use is working outside the emerge/sandbox environment. So, please don't report any problems containing this library and paraFoam on bugzilla. Instead you can use the foamtovtk utility or the build in OpenFOAM support in paraview-2.6.2!

Have fun with it :-)

connclark November 2, 2007 15:02

Sweet!!! I'll try that with

I'll try that with my other machine when I upgrade it to OpenFOAM-1.4.1

deepblue17 May 22, 2009 04:31

openfoam now in main portage tree
The gentoo ebuilds for OpenFOAM and PyFoam are now in the main portage tree (

af631717 July 29, 2010 09:27

thank you!!
will you do it also for 1.7?

I am wondering why not more people use gentoo when working with OF.
In my opinion the best dist. for it.


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