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sukratu May 9, 2007 01:57

When I type >paraFoam $FOAM
When I type
>paraFoam $FOAM icfoam cavity

I get a message saying got unknown argument paraFoam.pvs

....and a slew of instructions about how to
append the command syntax for various types of things (--dr --V etc.)

What is happening here?

lakeat September 11, 2007 09:20

I got this message too, saying
I got this message too, saying:

Got unknown argument: paraFoam.pvs

I use version-1.4.1, and I compiled with debug option.
And if I use paraview-3.1.0 (or any other version) directly, when I type
What's different from before is that paraview cannot show contour, neither can it show continuous state of U, p, etc. I mean in Display-->Color by-->? Here, there is no interpolated variables.
Could anyone tell what's wrong? Or is it a bug?

connclark September 11, 2007 12:39

I take it you compiled OpenFOA
I take it you compiled OpenFOAM from source, right?

getting OpenFOAM to compile correctly is a major pain. To get OpenFOAM to compile right you need to install paraview in a certain way.

See here g_ParaView

I wish they would just bundle a copy of paraview with OpenFOAM like they do with LAM and MICO and re work the make scripts to reference it.

mbeaudoin September 11, 2007 15:02

By the way, try to use a "clea
By the way, try to use a "clean" version of this Howto.

For some strange reasons, a couple of spambots are hitting on that Wiki page on a regular basis.

And Bernhard is doing his best to revert their actions, but still, this page is "corrupted" on a regular basis.

One quick trick to find a valid version of this page:
When you visit this Howto, go directly to the "history" button, located jut above the page title. Then, select the latest version modified by Bernhard (Bgschaid) or some other normal user. You could also start from the latest corrupted version, and step back in the history until you find a non corrupted version of the document.
The versions modified by Fe0Eup or Lx7A2h are the one generated by the spambots.

For some reasons, not only do they insert a lot of spam in the header of the file, but they also strip out all occurrences of the string "++"; so "c++" simply becomes "c".


lakeat September 11, 2007 21:45

Thank you Conn, and thank ou M
Thank you Conn, and thank ou Martin,
Yes, it is really a painful task to compile paraview, it costed me nearly 3 hours. I will try and as soon as I succeed, I will post here.
But still I am thinking, what does it mean when it says :"Got unknown argument: paraFoam.pvs", I see in the paraFoam script, it use the following line:
paraview paraFoam.pvs
So, my question is:
Is *.pvs no longer a valid argument in the new version of ParaView (3.1.0)? or what else?

BTW, who is it, I mean Fe0Eup or Lx7A2h?
Following Martin's hints, I found Bernhard's version. Thank you Martin.

mbeaudoin September 12, 2007 19:52

Hi Daniel, Basically, the p
Hi Daniel,

Basically, the problem you are seeing comes from the fact that your paraview Foam reader was not compiled correctly, so your file paraFoam.pvs is never generated, so your paraFoam script cannot execute properly.

The PVFoamReader module has some hardcoded paths in its Cmake config files. You need to change those paths in order to properly compile the module.

All of this is explained in the Howto, so take the time to read it, it will save you time. It does for me.

Secondly, please try to stick to the same version of the paraview source code than the one that is suggested for OpenFOAM. For exemple, for OpenFOAM 1.4.1, that would be paraview 2.4.4. I would be surprised if you can get the PVFoamReader module working with paraview 3.x.y version. No need to boldly go where no one has gone before... yet

Finally, Fe0Eup and Lx7A2h are probably not normal "human" users, but rather spamming automated scripts that log "automagically" onto the Wiki on a regular basis and insert their spam stuff in the text. If you disable those accounts, new ones will probably reappears soon afterward and continue the job. Wikis are very nice for sharing information, but also a nice target for such scripts.


lakeat September 16, 2007 22:46

Morning, everyone I have su
Morning, everyone

I have succeeded in compiling the paraFOAM just according to the instructions.
And note I am using paraview 2.4.4, not 3.1.0.

And now, my paraFoam works.
Some days before I had to first use foamToVTK and then use paraview-3.1.0 or I had to use foamToTecplot and then Tecplot, which is a boring thing.

Thank you again Martin and Conn.

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