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t42 August 1, 2007 04:54

Hello Forum, has somebody e
Hello Forum,

has somebody experience with installing OpenFoam
on SUSE 10.1 ?

Are there any packages or software which has to
be installed on the system in addition to Open
Foam and should they be installed in the same
directory as OpenFaom ?

Can somebody give me short manual installing Open
Foam ?

Is it hard to run OpenFoam mit Cgywin on a
windows system and how can i do this ?

I know that this are a lot of questions but maybe
somebody can help me.

Thank you

make August 1, 2007 06:15

Hi Denk or Marcus? I have O
Hi Denk or Marcus?

I have OpenFOAM 1.4 running on Suse 10.1. No problems at all. Download all binaries available at the OpenFOAM homepage and extract them. Then just follow the instruction in the README located in the base directory of OpenFOAM after unpacking them.

You will need gc, java and paraview. They are also available as binaries on the OpenFOAM homepage. Extract them in $HOME/OpenFOAM/linux or $HOME/OpenFOAM/linux64 depending on your system.

You have to modify either your .bachrc or .tcshrc depending on the shell you use (also explained in the README in detail).

In my case after that it worked directly without any trouble till now. If you have any difficulties despite reading the README let me know, perhaps my experiences with SuSE will help you. There are also some good instruction on the internet, google them.

I don't have experiences with CYGWIN and OpenFOAM, but I used CYGWIN to have some linux tools on windows. Very slow in my case, I don't know if this is a good idea for a numerical solver? But as I mentioned, no experiences so far.


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