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mplongjr May 8, 2007 11:09

Hi all... I've been using Open
Hi all... I've been using OpenFOAM 1.3 for several months now and I've been very impressed with it's capabilities. In the 1.4 release notes, there is mention of a parallel build process with wmake, but I can't find any mention of how to initiate it.

I naively tried ./Allwmake -j 2 .. but it didn't seem to use more than one process..

Is there something I'm missing?

mbeaudoin May 8, 2007 21:48

Mike, There is a new enviro

There is a new environment variable called $WM_NCOMPPROCS.

Check out the file $WM_DIR/wmake for the details.

The funny thing is: that variable is not initialized under OpenFOAM 1.4.

Just add the following line to your $WM_PROJECT_DIR/$FOAM_DOT_DIR/bashrc


Adjust the number to the number of processors you want to use for compiling.

(For csh, adjust your file $WM_PROJECT_DIR/$FOAM_DOT_DIR/cshrc




mplongjr May 9, 2007 11:28

Thanks Martin... that worked p
Thanks Martin... that worked perfectly. I've been trying out some different optimizations with the pre-release GCC 4.2 and it really helps cutting the compile time down.


mattijs May 15, 2007 03:32

You can also distribute parall
You can also distribute parallel builds. Works great on clusters. See the Wiki page about wmake.

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