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thierry April 28, 2007 09:36

Hello, I have upgraded the

I have upgraded the FreeBSD port of OpenFOAM to the latest 1.4. As
usual, several patches are necessary.

Most of them are FreeBSD- (or at least non-Linux-) specific:

- I have added the wmake rules for FreeBSD (already submitted for the
previous releases);

- many patches fix the shebang line of bash scripts from /bin to

- several patches set the locations of dependences installed by the
packages mechanism (Mico, LAM or MPICH2, readline, paraview, Java,
parmetis, VTK headers, etc.);

- "-lpthread" is replaced by the actual threading library ("-pthread" on
FreeBSD -Stable);

- some linuxisms are removed (e.g. "ps -u" or "find -printf");

- <malloc.h> is replaced by <stdlib.h>, and don't build malloc;

- "Allwmake" is replaced by "./Allwmake", because "." is not included in
the default $PATH

- <sys/stat.h> must be included in
and ulong must be defined;

- add support of FreeBSD in foamInstallationTest;

The complete patches are available at

Best regards,
Th. Thomas.

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