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eviled March 31, 2007 04:34

Hi all, I have a script tha
Hi all,

I have a script that builds OpenFOAM 1.3 for the SGI Altix 300 running SGI ProPack 2.3 for Linux.

As ProPack 2.3 is very old, many things have to be recompiled, including gcc4, binutils, Mesa3d (for OpenGL), java3d, ParaView, cmake, and Apache Ant. It compiles MPICH by default but the line can be commented out to use the default LAM MPI.

The Wiki page at has been most helpful, and so has the this forum. I am glad to be able to finally compile it and would be happy if my effort can help someone else.

The script is here:

It is almost completely automated and will download everything except for the Java SDK. Run the script and download the SDK when prompted to. Everything will be built in $HOME/OpenFOAM directory.

It needs a recent enough C compiler (gcc 2.96 on my build machine) for bootstrapping gcc4; wget and cvs to automatically download the source.

Also, by default it will parallel make with 8 processes (since my built machine has 8 CPUs ;-), so edit the file if you want more or less parallel make processes (just three lines in the beginning of the file). For an estimate, on the 8 CPU 900MHz Itanium2 machine, the whole build process takes about 5.5 hours real time, and almost 13 hours user time. It takes about 3GB to build, and will occupy 2.5GB if the downloaded sources are deleted after the build.

As I have just compiled it, I have no extensive experience how robust the build is. It does seem to run blockMesh and icoFoam on the cavity tutorial, and FoamX also appears to be functioning. So, good luck! ;-)



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