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7islands November 11, 2006 02:16

As I mentioned earlier in the
As I mentioned earlier in the Preprocessing/FoamX board ( ), I've been doing a porting work of FoamX to Cygwin/Windows over the Unofficial OpenFOAM Cygwin Port. Now binary distribution is downloadable from the following URL. l

waynezw0618 November 30, 2006 02:02

HI Takuya: i have some questi
HI Takuya:
i have some question about installation of OpenFoam on cygwin. in my computer some tutorials of special application can not be open or creat new case of these application, for example cooles,boundaryFoam and so on. but no all. some of the application are quiet well for example IcoFoam.what is the problem?can you help me? thanks!

luca_g November 30, 2006 06:39

I think I've had the same prob
I think I've had the same problem and it is related to the fact that in cygwin filenames are not case sensitive.
Thus, if you look in folder OpenFOAM-1.3\.OpenFOAM-1.3\apps\FoamX\entries\dimensionedScalar
you will see for example a file c1.cfg and a file C1_.cfg

The underscore has been added in the cygwin port to differentiate the upper case file from the lower case one but if you look for example at the file ...entries\turbulenceModels\incompressible\kEpsilo nCoeffs.cfg you will see that it is still pointing to a file C1.cfg
In cygwin this actually means c1.cfg which is not the right one.
You should thus edit the kEpsilonCoeffs.cfg file to point to C1_.cfg

You will find that there are a few similar situations and several files to edit...

Then opening a case with FoamX should work fine.

waynezw0618 December 1, 2006 01:04

Hi Luca is there any rule or
Hi Luca
is there any rule or even patch file to make this change easy?

luca_g December 1, 2006 03:43

I've done it by hand; it is no
I've done it by hand; it is not a big number of files that you must edit.
Basically each time you get an error from FoamX you go and edit the file which is causing the problem.

7islands December 1, 2006 08:56

Hi wayng and Luca, Okay I u
Hi wayng and Luca,

Okay I understand the errors you are talking about. Probably what wayng states is "invalid application class name" which seems to be caused by the lack of a config file in the solver directory ( and which is not a cygwin-specific behavior. Anyway actually I haven't realized all those problems until now because I've run just two or three cases. I'll provide a patch for what Luca states if I can make it.

luca_g December 1, 2006 13:25

Dear Takuya, one further po
Dear Takuya,

one further point about your very interesting porting: until parafoam is not available it could be useful to include the foamToVTK dataconversion utility in the FoamX menu.
Infact, it seems to me that paraview 2.4.4 crashes when opening files generated with foamToEnsight but it works well with VTK files.
As you certainly know it is just a matter of including the FoamX folder with a foamToVTk.cfg file in the foamToVTK utility folder.

7islands December 2, 2006 05:21

Hi Luca, it sounds a good idea
Hi Luca, it sounds a good idea. I also experienced the same crash by foamToEnsight. I hope the native OpenFOAM reader module in the CVS version of paraview ( become usable soon (which still seems to have a little glitch).

waynezw0618 December 4, 2006 07:30

hi Luca: i have read all the
hi Luca:
i have read all the .cfg files of lesinterfoam in$Home/OpenFoam/OpenmFoam1.3/applications/solvers/Multiphase/lesinterfoam/FoamX / and sub folder.i do not find any similar there any other problems?
waiting for your help

luca_g December 4, 2006 09:45

Dear Wayng, just follow the
Dear Wayng,

just follow the indications of the error message: it says "non-optional dictionary entry 'b'..." in "..FoamX/defaults/system/fvSolution::solvers".
So the problem is in the fvSolution.cfg file inside "..FoamX".
Infact, if you open the file you will see the following line:
include "$FOAMX_CONFIG/dictionaries/fvSolution/solvers/B.cfg";

If you check in the directory tree you will find that in the "..dictionaries/fvSolution/solvers" folder there actually is a "b.cfg" file (not the right one, we need the upper case) and a "B_.cfg" file.

So you need to edit the line to read like:

include "$FOAMX_CONFIG/dictionaries/fvSolution/solvers/B_.cfg";

Just do like this any time you find an error until it will work.

7islands December 12, 2006 08:44

Hi Cygwin users, I'm happy
Hi Cygwin users,

I'm happy to announce availability of the second version of FoamX-cygwin, FoamX-cygwin-20061212. Both source and binary distributions are available. Also, an update patch from the previous version, FoamX-cygwin-20061031, is available as there's no change in binary executables (just applying the patch will do). See the "Updating from the previous version" section in the following URL to update. I'd like to thank those who reported problems and gave suggestions as to the previous version.

The URL: l

What's new in FoamX-cygwin-20061212:
* Fix: FoamX doesn't allow to enter numbers in a non-English environment.
* Fix: Some tutorial cases refuse to open saying ``FoamXIOError "Non-optional dictionary entry '****' not found in dictionary ****::default"''.
* New: Now you can run FoamX in a csh (or tcsh) environment.
* New: Now you have the foamToVTK menu item in the FoamX right-click menu (Foam Utilities -> postProcessing -> dataConversion -> foamToVTK).
* Change: The binary distribution now includes iordump and nsadmin so that you can do some troubleshooting and administrative works (which is described in the section 5.1.1 of the User Guide).
* Change: The version of JDK which JAVA_HOME variable points to is updated to jdk1.5.0_10 from jdk1.5.0_09. If you'd like to continue to use jdk1.5.0_09, rewrite the JAVA_HOME line in $WM_PROJECT_DIR/.bashrc or .cshrc accordingly.

rsoule December 21, 2006 12:57

Hello, I am a total noob to

I am a total noob to this I normaly deal with standard windows programs. I am having a hard time setting OpenFoam up under MS windows. I have followed the instructions but I am still having problems. Is it possable that some one could write a detailed step by step instalation procedure under MS Windows. If its too much trouble then I understand.

Thanks for the help

7islands December 22, 2006 20:36

Hello Ron, maybe you are makin
Hello Ron, maybe you are making easy things (at least if you are familiar with basic usage of Cygwin) a little too difficult. It's true it takes some time but is basically a matter of downloading and unpacking the distribution files.

1. Downlaod and install the default Cygwin packages plus sed, make, cygutils and openssh packages using

2. Download and install JDK 5.0 Update 10 which is available at with the default settings.

3. Download
from and
from l
into your home directory.

4. Issue the following commands from a Cygwin terminal.<pre> cd
mkdir OpenFOAM
cd OpenFOAM
tar -xzf ../OpenFOAM-1.3.cygwin-src-0.5.tar.gz
tar -xzf ../OpenFOAM-1.3.cygwin-bin-0.5.tar.gz
tar -xzf ../OpenFOAM-1.3.Docs.tar.gz
tar -jxf ../FoamX-cygwin-20061212.tar.bz2
mkdir cygwin
cd cygwin
tar -xzf ../../gcc-4.1.0.cygwin-OpenFOAM.tar.gz
source ~/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.3/.OpenFOAM-1.3/bashrc
5. If you want to start tutorials, do so by typing the followings.<pre> mkdir -p $FOAM_RUN

rsoule January 2, 2007 18:22

Thanks for the help. Your exp
Thanks for the help. Your explanation helped but now I have new problems. Could you explaine the last and second to last line? And where should all the files be installed in the root C:/OpenFOAM drive? And the last question, it is looking for the path /usr/java/jdk1.4, Java dosen't install here, how is this fixed?

Thanks for the help

7islands January 2, 2007 20:37

1. Explanation of step 4: Typ
1. Explanation of step 4:
Typing "cd" without argument (the first and eleventh line) takes you to your home directory (C:\cygwin\home\Ron or somewhere depending on your login name) and the "~" characters in the last two lines stand for your home directory. Just like the linux version of OpenFOAM you should install all the files to the OpenFOAM directory under your home directory (~/OpenFOAM), not under the root directory (C:\OpenFOAM). And beware that the order of unpacking the distribution fies matters; FoamX-cygwin-20061212.tar.bz2 must be unpacked after the other three OpenFOAM-1.3.* files have been unpacked.

2. Java path problem:
It usually should not happen so could you fix the above first and try again? If it does happen again could you give me some more details (as to what you did and what you get).

rsoule January 3, 2007 11:54

Again thanks for the help. I
Again thanks for the help. I created the OpenFOAM directory in the following loacation (is this right). That is the home directory cygwin creates:

C:\Documents and Settings\rsoule1\

I followed you directions in the order given. When I try to run the "source ~/OpenFoam..." line i get the following error:

bash: [: too many arguments
bash: [: too many arguments

Thanks for the help

7islands January 4, 2007 07:23

Usually the Cygwin setup progr
Usually the Cygwin setup program configures the home directory to be under C:\cygwin\home, but on occasion it seems to misconfigure it to be under C:\Documents and Settings just like your unfortunate case. Apparently OpenFOAM (including its initialization scripts) is not meant to be run under directory structure which contains whitespace in its pathname (such as "C:\Documents and Settings"), that might be the cause of the error (although I can't conclude). So could you try fixing the home directory carefully following the "Cygwin installing into wrong directory" thread in .

I hope all these things won't tire you out to give up

liamm February 6, 2007 17:31

Thanks for posting the instruc
Thanks for posting the instructions as i was getting stuck with the windows install, however after following your instructions i'm still having a few problems that i hope someone can help me with.
After I type the last line ~/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.3/ I get the responce ":set WM_PROJECT_DIR and FOAMX_PATH" then when i type FoamX to open foamx it replies "bash: FoamX: Command not found" does anyone know what the problem is?

Thanks for yor help

7islands February 6, 2007 20:03

Hi, To run WM_
To run WM_PROJECT_DIR and FOAMX_PATH environment variables must be correctly set, which is done by running "source ~/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.3/.OpenFOAM-1.3/bashrc". Are you sure to have run before running

If you are sure what message did you get?


liamm February 7, 2007 08:03

Thanks for the fast reply. ber
Thanks for the fast reply. berore i run i am running
source ~/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.3/.OpenFOAM-1.3/bashrc and the reply i get is
~/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.3/.OpenFOAM-1.3: is a directory.

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