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danieltourde December 1, 2006 16:47

Hello, I have been reading

I have been reading the 'How to compile OpenFOAM' wiki page: penFOAM and I am fairly close to a heart attack! What a complicated beast with changes here and there and many packages that are supposed to come along OpenFOAM whatever what is really installed on the system.

I am a gentoo fanatic. I have been through such kind of painful installations in the past but I am simply getting too old for this anymore... I just want to type 'emerge openfoam'...

There is no ebuild at the moment and I think one is _badly_ needed to simply render OpenFOAM more accessible to people who just want to run this thing, without having to painfully and costly (in time and money) install about 1Gb of program on their own account....

I think we need a coordinated action. I am willing to put my hands in the oil and try to get things done but I cannot do it alone. So, who can help? Who is willing to give it a try?


mbeaudoin December 1, 2006 23:48

Hello Daniel, Yes, OpenFOAM
Hello Daniel,

Yes, OpenFOAM is a complicated beast to compile. Don't go there if you don't need nor have too.

The pre-compiled version of OpenFoam is a lot easier to install. Check it out. You usually be up and running in no time, like most OpenFOAM users.

If you ever develop your own OpenFOAM installer for Gentoo, may I suggest you go a bit further for the whole OpenFOAM community and try to provide RPMs for RedHat and SuSE Linux as well?

That would be very handy for a lot of OpenFOAM users out there not using Gentoo.



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