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york November 9, 2006 14:09

Hello all, I am new to the
Hello all,

I am new to the boards and OpenFOAM. I am a graduate student studying motion of buoys in the ocean, and am trying to decide on a CFD software to use for my research. OpenFOAM seems like a good possibility. I have downloaded the files and tried to install. I have worked through most issues, but one is still giving me trouble.

The script that checks if the installation is done properly uses telnet, to port 22 for rsh, or to port 222 for ssh (or is that reversed?). The trouble is, my system administrator does not allow telnet. We do have ssh. I do not think I will be able to convice him to allow telnet; he sees it as a security risk.

Is there a way to make OpenFOAM use ssh directly, instead of telnet to port 222? I mean, without editing hundreds of source files and recompiling.

Thank you for your help.

mattijs November 9, 2006 14:41

This is used in FoamX. It need
This is used in FoamX. It needs to be able to spawn some servers (FoamXCaseServer, FoamXCaseBrowser) using ssh. If you do not require FoamX then you don't need these ports.

dmoroian November 10, 2006 03:32

As far as I know, foamInstalla
As far as I know, foamInstallationTest is there to tell you if your configuration is ok. If the only thing your sistem lacks is telnet, then it should not be a problem even if the installation test fails.
On short, you don't need to worry about telnet, if you have ssh or rsh on your machine.


york November 10, 2006 18:35

Thank you all for your respons
Thank you all for your responses.

So, without telnet, FoamX will never work? I wonder why it doesn't just use ssh?

Does anyone know a "trick" to make it use ssh instead of telnet?


dmoroian November 11, 2006 13:55

Is foamInstallationTest that u
Is foamInstallationTest that uses telnet, not FoamX.

mattijs November 13, 2006 05:12

FoamX uses ssh by default. Che
FoamX uses ssh by default. Check your $FOAMX_CONFIG/FoamX.cfg.

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