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olwi September 4, 2006 05:56

Hi, I've found install inst

I've found install instructions in the Wiki and with the OpenFOAM tar-file. Is there anything special I should think about before I go ahead and install OpenFOAM on an AMD64 machine? The OF release I want to install is Hrv's release on the Zagreb site.

- Do I need to install a special gcc version, or is the 3.4.4 we have enough?
- Do I *have* to compile paraview from scratch, or will downloaded binaries run out-of-the-box with OpenFOAM? (coupling with OF reader, etc.)
- Should I compile for OpenMPI or LAM? Could any of them be used somehow with the HP-MPI already on our machine?

Any words of wisdom are welcome...


hjasak September 4, 2006 06:04

Compilation: - you can prob

- you can probably use gcc-3.4.4, although there may be compilation problems. New versions of gcc are always better at complying to standard than the old ones. In any case, there's a gcc-3.4.6 now if you really don't want gcc-4 series

- you have to compile paraview. Standard pre-compiled release from the paraview site does not have shared library support and will not hook in the OpenFOAM reader module. If you are only using vtk export, you could probably live without recompiling. I wouldn't want to.

- You can link to the existing MPI on the machine, especially if the interface is standard and MPI has been optimised by the vendor. I'm still running LAM, so not much experience with OpenMPI.


irc September 10, 2006 14:17

Ola there seems to be a pro

there seems to be a problem compiling gcc v4.1.1 under RedHat Linux on AMD64 - check out this link to gcc bugzilla. Avoid it if you can - I think I kept with an earlier version, and all seemed to be okay.

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