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unoder August 28, 2006 12:49

Hi, I downloaded cmake-2.4.

I downloaded cmake-2.4.3 and compiled it but OF thinks I have cmake-2.4.2. I think the newest version should be the better one, so how to get the right environment variables?

martin@laptop:~/OpenFOAM/linux> ls -l
total 30462
drwxr-xr-x 6 martin users 144 2006-08-28 19:47 cmake-2.4.3
drwxr-xr-x 9 martin users 216 2006-08-28 19:22 gcc-4.1.1
-rw-r--r-- 1 martin users 31160295 2006-08-28 19:23 gcc-4.1.1.bin.tgz
drwxr-xr-x 8 martin users 192 2006-08-28 19:34 gdb-6.4

martin@laptop:~/OpenFOAM/linux> set | grep -i cmake

Note: version mismatch.

brooksmoses August 28, 2006 14:20

It looks like CMAKE_HOME is se
It looks like CMAKE_HOME is set in the following two files:


Changing the value there (in whichever file is appropriate to the shell you're using, though updating both is probably good policy) should fix things.

unoder August 29, 2006 01:29

Great, thanks a lot... It seem
Great, thanks a lot... It seem to work... BTW: Did you grep through all the source code from ~/OpenFOAM (guess it takes a long time) or were you clever enough just to know where to look? Could be I could learn some hints here...

brooksmoses August 29, 2006 01:43

It doesn't take that long, may
It doesn't take that long, maybe five minutes or so. I've done it rather a few times.

In this case, I was a little more clever. The main bashrc/cshrc files -- which are what set up the environment variables -- for OpenFOAM are in the .OpenFOAM-1.3 subdirectory (note the leading dot!) of the main OpenFOAM-1.3 directory. Those reference the .bashrc/.cshrc files in the main directory, as well as bashrc/cshrc files in the various subdirectories of the apps subdirectory of .OpenFOAM-1.3. So I knew it had to be in one of those, and it didn't take long to look.

unoder August 29, 2006 12:30

Ok, thanks... I also knew that
Ok, thanks... I also knew that but got confused by the long scripts as I'm not too experienced with them and I didn't think of looking in the paraview-bashrc-file... The good thing is:

I think I now successfully got myself a compiled debug-version of OF with the newest tools:

j2sdk-1_4_2_12-linux-i586 and cmake-2.4.3

The cavity-case runs fine. So does paraview. But I'm astonished over how huge my OF directory is now:

475M ./linux
46M ./martin-1.3
2.8G ./OpenFOAM-1.3
1.8G ./linuxSrc
5.0G .

Now I just have to debug something and test if it works completely... I'm not sure whether or not I can delete everything inside linuxSrc in order to save some space, but so far it isn't that important (I have 10 gigs free space)...

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