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hsieh May 31, 2006 06:53

Hi, Thanks a lot for doing

Thanks a lot for doing the cygwin port! This saves me the trouble of installing Linux on my laptop.

I installed the cygwin port last night by following the instruction - very clear instructions. Although, the cygwin does not support paraFoam, but, you can use foamToVTK then, use the windows version of paraview. The only thing not supported is FoamX. I think that it might be able to re-write FoamX by Visual Basics.

I ran the interFoam tutorial case (damBreak) three times. The first two times, my computer crashed at different time step. However, the run completed without any problem the third time. I disabled Screen Saver during the third run. Could this be the problem?


gschaider May 31, 2006 09:22

Might well be, but I havn't go
Might well be, but I havn't got a Cygwin-Foam-installation, so I can't reproduce that.

Try if the problem is reproducable (set the screen-saver-activation time to a low value; 1 min or so).

Anyway: if it's the screensaver-cygwin-interaction I'd think that it's more a problem of cygwin than of OpenFOAM (and that's really hard to track).

BTW: which version of windows

gschaider May 31, 2006 09:28

Just as I sent the last reply
Just as I sent the last reply it occured to me: You said laptop, right? Does the screen-saver send the machine into some kind of lowFrequency/PowerSaving-mode? I could imagine that Cygwin doesn't like that.

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