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parra April 4, 2006 20:05

hello, In running foamSyst

In running foamSystemCheck and attempting to install I am given the following error

Checking basic system...
Shell: bash
Host: smoke
OS: Linux version 2.4.30-sparc
User: openfoam

Checking networking...
Ping_smoke: Successful
Ping_localHost: Successful
Test_rsh: No_telnet_running:_cannot_check*
Test_ssh: No_telnet_running:_cannot_check*
FATALERROR: No remote shell available.
Foam2.3 enviroment requires passwordless
'ssh' and/or 'rsh' to the current host.
Contact your system administrator.

Ofcourse I went through the trouble of getting my private key into the ssh-agent and I am able to ssh to my machine without a password or passphrase. But I still get the error.
Taking a look through the foamSystemCheck script I see that it is looking for telnet in my etc bin. But I do not have telnet, I have ssh. So I changed that in the script but only a little progress, the error changes to "Not active".

All help would be most apprechiated.

I am gentoo with a 2.4 kernel on an ultrasparc 80 (sparc64).

Thank you,

newbee April 5, 2006 03:48

Hello. Im a beginner att us

Im a beginner att using linux and openfoam but I managed go pass the foamSystemCheck by installing openssh. Then the test_ssh turnd from unsuccessful to successful.


parra May 4, 2006 13:52

Thank you erik, Actually, I
Thank you erik,

Actually, I had to emerge telnet to get this working.

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