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thierry April 1, 2006 16:33

See <>.

If you want to include the required patches in the next release, don't hesitate to contact me.

Th. Thomas.

hjasak April 1, 2006 16:57

Hi Thierry, I'm in the proc
Hi Thierry,

I'm in the process of putting the accumulated bug fixes and the Mac OS X port stuff into the code - can you pack the patches in some compact way or do I need to take and diff the whole thing? The same question applies to the Windows port (thanks Petr).


brooksmoses April 1, 2006 17:20

Hrv - For the Windows port,
Hrv -

For the Windows port, is the changelog ( and set of patch files that I put up on (see the "Patch Files and Explanation" section, about halfway down) when I packaged up Petr's port something like what you're looking for? If so, I'll gladly do a revised version of that when the 1.3 version of the port is done.

Meanwhile, congrats to Thierry on the quick job of porting to FreeBSD!

- Brooks

thierry April 1, 2006 17:40

Hi Hrvoje, Thanks for your
Hi Hrvoje,

Thanks for your quick reply.

All patches are available at (patch-*). Most of them are perhaps too specific to be included upstream: they just fix paths or version numbers.

The interesting ones add FreeBSD support:
- patch-.bashrc
- patch-.cshrc
- patch-applications_ummp..._C++_PatchToolServer_Make_orbO ptions
- patch-applications_ummp..._C++_FoamXServer_Make_orbOptio ns
- patch-applications_ummp..._C++_PatchToolServer_Make_omni Options
- patch-applications_upFC..._FoamXLib_Make_orbOptions
- patch-.OpenFOAM-++VER++_bashrc
- patch-.OpenFOAM-++VER++_cshrc
- patch-applications_utilities_preProcessing_FoamX_C++_All wmake
- patch-bin_foamInstallationTest
- patch-applications_ummp..._C++_FoamXServer_Make_omniOpti ons
- patch-applications_upFC..._FoamXLib_ITypeDescriptorImpl. C
- patch-applications_upFC..._FoamXLib_Make_omniOptions
- patch-applications_upFC..._FoamXLib_ProcessControl.C
- patch-bin_foamSystemCheck
- patch-applications_ummp..._C++_Allwmake

To get wmake/rules/FreeBSD, I copy Linux rules and patch them. These patches are not interesting for you, and I have rolled the resulting files: you can get them at

To Brooks: it's surely easier to port to a Unix system than to Windows!

Th. Thomas.

hjasak April 1, 2006 18:25

Thanks for that - it will be m
Thanks for that - it will be merged in due course (quite a lot of porting and re-porting required). The wmake/rules can go straingt in, as well as the FreeBSD sections in all dot-files; the rest is probably already on ifdefs as appropriate (in which case there's no trouble).

As for the Windows stuff, I want to put in all the file changes that are protable across the platforms, with the exception of renaming the files. The file name and include changes are easily scripted but I'd prefer to leave the scripts to someone who is actually using Windows/Cygwin ('cause I've no patience for it).


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