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anger March 29, 2006 05:17

Hello, I succeeded in insta

I succeeded in installing OpenFOAM to a user's directory.
I would prefer to have the installation in an system wide accessible location so that all users on a machine get access to it, for example in /soft/OpenFOAM. Is this possible and what changes, besides changing the installation directory in the bashrc file, are necessary to accomplish this?

Thanks for your input,

best regards

eugene March 29, 2006 05:37

Thats it. Just make sure all t
Thats it. Just make sure all the users can source the new installation, i.e. the OF directory structure is readable by all or group.

gschaider March 29, 2006 06:45

In my experience OpenFOAM tend
In my experience OpenFOAM tends to run smoothest (no change of scripts etc) when found at $HOME/OpenFOAM/. For a system wide installation I would recommend (at least that's what I did) emulating this behaviour with symbolic links:

* Set-up a site-wide available NFS-Drive /OpenFoam and mount that on all machines
* install the necessary OpenFOAM-versions into that directory (getting something like /OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.2/)
* to set up a User for OpenFOAM
** create a symbolic link for him (ln -s /OpenFOAM $HOME/OpenFOAM)
** edit his bashrc as described in the README
(of course she can do theses things herself)

I have decided to take this opt-in-route (the User has to be set up if he wants to use OF) because we have other software here some of which for instance don't like the cutting-edge g++ that comes with OF.

(I remember one problem with my setup with FoamX where one dir/file has to be readwritable for everyone otherwise FoamX won't start, but I can't remember exactly how we fixed it, if you run into it I'll be glad to help)

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