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ds2taieb January 14, 2006 12:51

Hello, I have downloaded th

I have downloaded the two binary files available on the site for a pentium -linux platform. After I have untar the files and a new folder was created. This is /home/david/OpenFoam 1.2

I don't understand all the steps writen in the README file. So can you help me to install the soft?


futoshi January 16, 2006 00:46

You need 5 packege for OpenFOA
You need 5 packege for OpenFOAM instlation.

First, You make new folder follow.


Second, You copy and install 'OpenFOAM-1.2.General.gtgz' and 'OpenFOAM-1.2.linuxGcc4Opt.gtgz' in /home/david/OpenFoam
Use comannd tar xzf -1.2.General.gtgz and tar xzf OpenFOAM-1.2.linuxGcc4Opt.gtgz

Third, You copy and install 'gcc gcc-4.0.1.linux.tgz',
'ParaView paraview-2.2.0.linux.tgz' and 'JAVA j2sdk1.4.2_05.linux.tgz' in /home/david/OpenFoam/linux

Final, Read /home/david/OpenFoam/OpenFOAM-1.2/README and make config file (.bashrc or .cshrc).

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