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mer September 11, 2005 09:49

Hi, I execute the parallel ex
I execute the parallel exemple icoFoam in parallel with 2 Pcs running red hat 9.0. At the first time it running well, but when I try to reexecute for a second time (eventually after rebooting), I received the fellowing errors:
Error: LAM/MPI unexpectedly received the following om stderr: permission denied.

For information: my network is composed with 2 Pcs, the file rhosts is located on both Pcs in /home/mer1/.rhosts and /home/mer2/.rhosts resectively with lines : and In /etc the two-files : hosts.allow and hosts has the same adresses IP. I do not declare any user in the lines. Now the two Pcs asked me for a password to rsh or ssh services. What wrong with my network or with LAM/MPI???

The SSH asked me at the final line for : publickey, keyboard, I can't understand what happened.

perhapse, I make mistakes during configuration of network, but I can't find where?

the file machines in /etc works well with the boot of LAM.

please help me, in more details.


mer September 12, 2005 12:51

Hi, Is there here any one tha
Is there here any one that can help me?!
I've got a problem with sshd and I haven't permission to connect to the second Pc due to the (permission denied). I try the recommandation of the ssh, but no solution. In the first time, all works well but now, there a problem and can't find it. please help, I try to generate and declar the public keys, but no way.

mattijs September 12, 2005 13:42

Things I would check: - is ss
Things I would check:
- is sshd running? Do you have a firewall running?
- is the syntax of hosts.allow correct?
- do /var/log/messages say anything?

mer September 12, 2005 15:23

Hi The sshd is running and th
The sshd is running and the firewall works with medium and authorize the ssh service.
I check the hosts.allow, it seems good.
But there is a point I can't find in $home/.ssh the file related to authorization.

eugene September 13, 2005 05:41

type "man ssh-keygen"
type "man ssh-keygen"

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