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zou_mo July 16, 2005 06:08


hjasak July 16, 2005 06:31

You will need to compiler from
You will need to compiler from the sources.

Use only the .General package, build your gcc compiler and download the other bits and bobs (this can be done later).

For starters:
- get OpenFOAM-1.1.General.gtgz
- get gcc-3.4.3 from the gcc site.
- build gcc and put in into the right directory (something like OpenFoam/sgi)
and then build FOAM using:

foam ; Allwmake

Have fun,


jasonb July 20, 2005 13:25

Hi, Has anybody had any luc

Has anybody had any luck building OpenFOAM for an SGI Itanium (Linux) system? We have recently acquired an Altix system here, and I intend to have a go at building OpenFOAM on it, so just wanted to check what problems, if any, people have had.


henry July 20, 2005 13:33

I have done it and had no prob
I have done it and had no problems, in fact it was the easiest port so far. All the wmake rules files are supplied for you to build on Altix using the Intel compiler: linuxIA64I64, not that the Intel compiler is any better than gcc. If you would rather stick with gcc then you can start with the standard linux rules and adjust as necessary.

tan July 20, 2005 13:53

Henry, I guess you would ha

I guess you would have the numbers to back up the claim about Intel compilers vs GCC?


henry July 20, 2005 14:03

Yes I have numbers. Basically
Yes I have numbers. Basically the difference in the performance of OpenFOAM compiled with the latest gcc and icc were very similar, for some cases the gcc-compiled version was slightly faster and vice-versa. The difference in performance was not larger than 15% for any of the tests I have done so far but they were not very extensive concentrating mainly on LES.

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