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ztdep July 8, 2005 06:08

i have upack the openfoam ,but
i have upack the openfoam ,but i can not pass the foamInstallationcheck ,how can i set those path ,and .bashrc file .where can i find it .
my root is /fortran .

thank you very much

alberto July 8, 2005 06:23

To properly install OpenFOAM d
To properly install OpenFOAM do as follows:

Create a directory called OpenFOAM in your home and copy the OpenFOAM-1.1 directory into it.

Install Java, gcc and paraview in /OpenFOAM/linux (if you're using linux).

Add this line to your /home/.bashrc file:

. $HOME/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.1/.OpenFOAM-1.1/bashrc

Create your user directory as explained in the README file.


ztdep July 8, 2005 10:12

but i do not know how to creat
but i do not know how to create my directory.

thank you for your regards

alberto July 8, 2005 11:06

From the README file: Creat
From the README file:

Create a project directory within the $HOME/OpenFOAM directory named
<username>-1.1 (e.g. 'chris-1.1' for user chris) and create a
directory named 'run' within it, e.g. by typing:

mkdir -p $HOME/OpenFOAM/${LOGNAME}-1.1/run

Copy the 'tutorial' examples directory in the OpenFOAM distribution to the
'run' directory. If OpenFOAM environment variables are set correctly, then
the following command will be correct:

cp -r $WM_PROJECT_DIR/tutorials $HOME/OpenFOAM/${LOGNAME}-1.1/run

Run the first example case of incompressible laminar flow in a cavity:

cd $HOME/OpenFOAM/${LOGNAME}-1.1/run/tutorials/icoFoam
blockMesh . cavity
icoFoam . cavity


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