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kupiainen June 8, 2005 04:39

I have compiled version 1.1 on
I have compiled version 1.1 on linuxAMD64. I want to run in parallell. But trying to do so I get the following error:

+ lamboot -prefix /afs/ linuxAMD64Opt -v
n-1<19866> ssi:boot:base:linear: booting n0 (
base: cannot open /afs/ linuxAMD64Opt/etc/lam-conf.lamd: No such file or
hboot could not parse the boot configuration file. A number
of problems can result in this error messages:

- Is the configuration file installed properly?
- Did you specify a file name that does not exit when
using the -c option to lamboot?
n-1<19866> ssi:boot:base:linear: Failed to boot n0 (
n-1<19866> ssi:boot:base:linear: aborted!
lamboot did NOT complete successfully

It seems that the Allwmake script missed to do something vital with the lam-library. My question is what flags should I set in order to solve the above problem.
best regards Marco

henry June 8, 2005 04:49

wmake is not used to build lam
wmake is not used to build lam the Allwmake script in OpenFOAM-1.1/src simply calls the configure make scripts supplied with lam. You will have to check the build of lam yourself. Does the file

/afs/ linuxAMD64Opt/etc/lam-conf.lamd

exist? If so what is in it? What are the permissions on it? If it does not exist try building lam yourself using the configure options from the Allwmake script and see if this missing file is created.

kupiainen June 8, 2005 07:56

I built lam myself manually an
I built lam myself manually and now it works.
Thank you for taking your time.

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