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gd_jin April 7, 2005 10:55

I try to install OpenFOAM 1.1
I try to install OpenFOAM 1.1 on SunOS version 5.9:

Checking basic setup...
Shell: tcsh
Host: rdhsun
OS: SunOS version 5.9
User: guodong
User_config: /home/guodong/.cshrc
Foam_config: /home/guodong/.OpenFOAM-1.1/cshrc sourced correctly.

it does not work yet. The installation testing errors always appear as follows:

Software versions
Software Version Location
gcc 3.4.2
WARNING: Conflicting installations:
foam settings: /bin/gcc
current path : /usr/local/bin/gcc

java 1.4.2_05 /home/guodong/OpenFOAM/solaris/j2re1.4.2_05/bin/java
gzip 1.3 /usr/bin/gzip
gtar *** not installed ***

icoFoam *** not installed ***


Anyone who has installed it on the same operation system sucessfully, please give me some helps in detail, thank you very much.

jasonb April 7, 2005 11:21

Have you altered the foam vari
Have you altered the foam variables for the location of gcc? It is looking in /bin, but on your system it appears to be located in /usr/local/bin.

Also, you don't have gtar installed, which I think is required to untar the OpenFOAM source.

I have built OpenFOAM for Solaris 5.8. Don't know if this will work on 5.9. You can download the binaries for 5.8 from the download site.


gd_jin April 7, 2005 11:55

hello, Jason. Thank you ver
hello, Jason.

Thank you very much for your help but I am sorry that I am new to unix operation system. would you please
tell me:

1) how to change the foam variables for the location of gcc to make the paths consistent;

2) how to untar the OpenFOAM source because I just decompressed each the downloaded
files according to the homepage of OpenFOAM using the command like this : tar xzf filename.

Look forward to your further help.

Best regards

Guodong Jin

jasonb April 8, 2005 04:56

Hi, 1. You can do one of t

1. You can do one of two things here. The default and easiest thing to do is to install the current version of gcc in ~/OpenFOAM/solaris/gcc-3.4.3. gcc-3.4.3 for SunOS 5.8 can be downloaded from the website. Again, I don't know if this will work for SunOS 5.9. You can probably download gcc-3.4.3 for SunOS 5.9 from the gcc website.

However, if your system already has a fairly recent version of gcc you can use that. I think you do this by setting the variables WM_COMPILER_BIN and WM_COMPILER_LIB in ~/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.1/.bashrc Somebody correct me if I'm wrong here.

2. You have the syntax correct. The problem here as I understand it is that some system tar commands have a filename length restriction which some of the OpenFOAM files exceed. So you have to use gtar (GNU tar) to get around this problem. Type tar --version on the command line. If it comes back saying it is GNU tar you are OK. If not, you are probably using the system tar and will have to obtain GNU tar for your system.

Hope this helps.


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