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Mattijs Janssens (Mattijs) April 15, 2002 08:22

The online code documentation
The online code documentation in Foam (accessible through FoamX under Help->Code Documentation) can be made searchable if you have access to the cgi-bin script of your http server. Very useful for finding member functions, classes etc.

These are the steps:
0] download and install doxygen. Make sure doxysearch is executable. Try and run it. It should output some html.

1] Find the cgi-bin/ directory of your htpp server. (on my Suse Linux machine: /usr/local/httpd/cgi-bin/)
In there:
- mkdir foam
- cp $WM_PROJECT_DIR/doc/Doxygen/search.cgi foam/doxysearch.foam2.1.cgi
- chmod a+x foam/doxysearch.foam2.1.cgi

2] in this script, foam/doxysearch.foam2.1.cgi, add at the start

with of course the paths to correspond to your setup. DOXYSEARCH is the full path to the executable (has to be executable by the user running http), DOXYPATH is the directory under Foam2.1 containing the html documentation. Note that these have to be absolute paths and can contain none of the FOAM environment variables.

3] in this DOXYPATH, (for me /home/penfold/mattijs/foam/foam2.1/doc/Doxygen/html),
edit search.cfg and
A] change the file:// entry to point to the installation directory:
- substitute '/home/escher/henry/foam/foam2.1' by the value of $WM_PROJECT_DIR.
B] change the http:// entry to the URL of the search script.

4] In the Doxygen html start page there is a 'search' button at the top right. This will take you to a search screen where you can search for any text inside the documentation.

Niklas Nordin (Niklas) April 16, 2002 03:56

I've added one here:http://tfd
I've added one here:

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