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matteoL May 5, 2009 19:13

openfoam 1.5-devcrashng after few iterations
I downloaded openfoam1.5 from Openfoam site and managed to run succesfully some simple interFoam cases.

Yesterday I decided to install the dev version and compile it froms source, thus i downloaded via svn and installed it.

Compilation went trough succesfully (at least no error reported, some warning but no errors..) and I tought everything was fine.
Unfortunately when running the same case thas was succesfully run with openfoam1.5, in the dev version it explodes very quickly!

right after the first iteration I observe that one cell gets a very high pressure value, which grows more and more in the next iteration and thus leads to non convergence.

once again: with the openfoam1.5 version, the exactly same case used to run smoothly..

Has anyone any idea why this happens?

I thought the dev version was supposed to ahve some more utilities/solver/etc.. but the classical solver (like interfoam) were the same... Am i wrong?

The only thing i may point out is that i used gcc-4.1.2 to compile the dev version because when i tried to use the ggc_4.3.1 in the ThirdParty package i used to get some problems (no idea why.. any ideas?)

Any help would be much appreciated.

thank you very much,

henrik May 6, 2009 02:31


I would like reproduce your problem. Which case is blowing up?


matteoL May 6, 2009 04:25

Hello Henrik, thank you very much for your help.

Here attached there is the case, a simple boat ship geometry run with interFoam (mesh produced with ICEM).

I have problem uploading the file (5,8 M, is it too big?), thus I will send it to you by mail. If anyone else is interested ask me and i will send it to you.

The mesh is not particularly nice, i know, but my focus now is to understand why with 1.5 it works while with 1.5-dev starts diverging right after the first iteration.


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