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Fed11 October 28, 2009 15:34

Can't run paraFoam with OpenFOAM 1.6
Hi Guys,
I installed OpenFoam 1.6 on Fedora 11_64. Everything went fine except when running paraFoam, where I have the following error: paraFoam
created temporary 'cavity.OpenFOAM'
/home/nat/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.6/bin/paraFoam: line 129: paraview: command not found

Anyone can help?
Thanks a lot

Fed11 October 30, 2009 20:54

Hi guys,
I finally got my previous problem resolved. In ThirdParty directory, the package cmake-2.6.4 was not there for me somehow

Now I have another problem with paraFoam: When I load ParaView 3.6.1 and play with it it seems fine until I hit some particular options and everything freezes, I can't access other windows and I can't even kill the process running (paraview-real) from other machines. The only option is to force the reboot!

Anyone experienced-resolved the problem?

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